Self fundraising

Many people in chairs have to buy a lot of costly equipment – wheelchairs, hoists, standing frames, orthotic hand devices – an endless list – sometimes accessible cars and they all need replacing. The cost of medical supplies is also enormous. Fund raising with friends and family can be fun. Here we provide some ideas.
Easy fundraising ideas can be hard to come by, so that’s why we’ve found a list of the top five easiest and most approachable ideas that you can implement quickly and painlessly. Big or small, smart or casual, it doesn’t really matter what your event looks like – as long as you’re keeping things simple and enjoyable. The idea of fundraiser campaigns are to raise money for a worthy cause too, so having a variety of ways to raise money at the event is a good idea.
Play to your strengths, and involve something you love as part of your easy fundraiser idea – whether that’s cooking, socialising, getting physical, getting an overdue spring-clean over and done with, or anything else.

1. Donations as Christmas presents

If you’re a parent and this sounds like you, what about asking family and friends to donate in lieu of gifts this holiday season?
In terms of an awesome & super easy fundraising idea, this is our favourite pick. It’s a simple, genuine and relatively hassle-free way to organise your fundraiser!

2. Host a dinner

With the festival dates coming up all year round, what about gathering friends and family for a dinner together?
Potluck dinners means that everyone contributes a dish, and you can raise money by asking for donations through admission fees, or you can share or auction the recipes of the dishes that are brought. Pressure’s off, because the responsibility for the event’s success is shared around with everyone! You can even make extra funds by selling homemade barbecue sauces, or even making it a contest by asking guests to judge top grill skills. Barbeques can work in the same way
At formal dinners, you can auction off items (there are formal auction companies who charge a percentage of the takings). Our friends have donated their holiday homes and we often auction off a week’s holiday in exotic settings.

3. Host holiday season drinks

There’s no time like the holiday season to invite a small group of friends around. Consider breaking open the liquor cabinet and a book of cocktail recipes, and charging a small fee per drink, or just one admission fee.
If liquor isn’t your thing, mocktails are also a great option.

4. Make it a team thing

Gather a few friends that you have a common interest with, and see what strengths you can work in to. Are you runners/cyclists/climbers?
Consider doing something like this solo, but perhaps also as a team – stuff like this tends to be easier to organise over the holiday season with people taking time off work and more than a few public holidays up your sleeve. More friends = more fun + raise more money!
There are regular FUN RUNS where people in wheelchairs are welcome. Google Fun Runs to see if you can sign up, then seek sponsorship.

5. A garage sale!

What about a thorough home clean-up, in the name of a good cause? You can either donate a portion or all of your garage-sale profits. These are probably things that you haven’t been using or wouldn’t notice that they’re gone, and will make space for new things, or some lovely open space in your home. December is a great month for holding a garage sale, as people tend to be more likely to consider making purchases.