Patrons & Ambassadors



Honorable Bernard Chan – Chairman of Hong Kong Council of Social Services (in his role as supporter rather than patron)

The Ben Kende Foundation offers hope and inspiration to anyone who has been affected by spinal injury and associated paralysis and other serious disabilities. The Foundation is making a real difference in encouraging research into spinal cord injuries and therapies, and in offering information and other resources to help victims of such injuries undergo rehabilitation and continue with successful and fulfilling lives. This issue is often overlooked in Hong Kong, and the Foundation deserves the support of the whole community.


Claudia Mo – Member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council

I am honoured to be a Patron of a foundation doing such wonderful work for those with crippling spinal injuries. The Ben Kende Foundation has been the leader in showing what can be done, helping them receive the treatment and support which can enable them to lead constructive lives. Ben Kende himself, who now has a degree in commerce and is studying for another in law, is himself an example of what can be achieved when resources are added to individual determination. I hope the government itself, as well as private firms and individuals, can get behind such efforts. This is not just a humanitarian issue. It is an investment in the future self-reliance of those with such grievous injuries.



Ivy Zhang Wei

My name is Ivy Zhang Wei. I took up gymnastics at the age of four but in 2008 I got injured during a training session and became quadriplegic. Following a two-year hospital stay I returned to the community and worked hard on rehabilitation to strengthen my abilities while continuing to attend school. Thanks for the loves and care from my parents, medical staff and the teachers. Their encouragements and support has helped me to go through the hardships that I encountered.

In 2012, I was named as one of the ” Ten Regeneration Warriors”.

I’m now an undergraduate of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, majoring Applied Biology with Biotechnology. I hope to devote myself in the research on spinal cord injury or related area upon my graduation.


David Wishart

David suffered an extreme accident at the age of 18 in 2009, when he fell from a balcony in Aberdeen. (He had been due to travel to Scotland the next day to start his university degree). His accident was so extreme David could not speak for three months. With incredible courage and determination, and a wonderful family, he re-engaged in his life, doing a Bachelors at Sunderland University Hong Kong and therapy trips to the Philippines.


Rocky Mileto – Hearts in Union

Rocky was a famous New South Wales rugby players who suffered a very serious rugby injury in 1995. As his name implies, nothing would stop him from going forward. He studied law at Macquarie University, and now he helps injured players through Hearts in Union, an Australian charity for injured rugby players. Rocky is happily married with two young children, who he races after in his electric wheelchair.


Perry Cross

While representing Queensland in rugby in 1994 Perry suffered such a serious accident that he as paralyzed from the neck down. Perry has set up a huge spinal injury research foundation in Australia, and recently visited Hong Kong to further his sponsorship of spinal injury research. Perry is particularly interested in stem cell research for spinal injured that is being conducted in Brisbane. Undaunted by his physical challenges, Perry is a determined and energetic guy who is engaged to a professional swimming champion.