Marvel 10K Weekend at Disneyland Hong Kong

Marvel 10K Weekend 2017On the 17th of September, Ben and some budding BKF supporters will be to raise funds for the Ben Kende Foundation. Well, they won’t actually be running. Ben and his BKF supporters will be rolling around the 10 km course in wheelchairs in the name of solidarity for those, including Ben, who are living their lives in wheelchairs. They may have an advantage on the downhills, but the uphills will be murder. Click here to Donate.

All proceeds will go to the Ben Kende Foundation. The Foundation provides ongoing support for Ben’s rehabilitation and support endeavors to improve the lives of people with Spinal Cord Injuries. The goal of this particular fundraising event is to raise funds towards enabling Ben to have a Spinal Implant, These are one of the most promising curative innovations we’ve seen. In those who have had the procedure, the Spinal Implant has had remarkable success in restoring continence function, and even improved voluntary control of otherwise paralysed muscles. If you would like more information about the Spinal Implant, please visit: Spinal implant video

A spinal implant cost around HK$500,000 so we will probably have to run several fundraising events to reach that total.

Any help would be fantastic and thank you all for your generosity! Please share this with your friends. Click here to Donate.

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The Trustees for the Ben Kende Foundation